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New Year, Clearer You.

It's 2018! Every great resolution starts with a vision.

Imagine if you had a vision that lit you up and guided your every action. That helped you stick to your resolution in a new way.

About the Online Workshop

Tired of falling short of your goals? Or just feeling "stuck" and unsure of your next move?

When we don't know where we're going, we tend to let our day-to-day busyness dictate. Having a clear vision of where your going will help you meet your life's vision. Connecting with an image of what you most want

aligns your brain with the outcomes you most want to attract and allows you to show your authentic self to the world.

Discover how to visualize and set goals that will improve the way you live YOUR life. Led by Master Integrative Life Coach and Branding Specialist Linda Perry, you'll be led through a process to help you bypass all the shoulds and have-to's that swim in your head.

Connect to a vision you've been longing for so you can take action!

How It Works*

A unique online Vision Board Workshop that is designed to go at YOUR pace.

  • Step-by-step tutorials to help you understand the importance of having a vision, how to uncover yours and what it can do to transform your life.

  • Convenient. The Soul Genius Discover Your Vision Workshop can be done anytime.

  • Connect with a purpose that feels authentic and bypasses all of "shoulds" and "have-to's".

  • Guided Meditations are provided to help you define a vision that is clear for every area of your life.

  • Clear instructions on how to build your vision board.

  • A Private Facebook Page to share your vision and get support for your next steps.

  • A Next Steps Guide that will show you how use your vision board in your daily life, setting realistic goals and making real changes.

* Supplies are not included, but you'll be given a complete list of items you'll need to get your vision board done!

Uncover Your Vision

Individual Attention

Bypass all the things you should want and get in touch with your true self to determine what goals and visions you have, that you have been ignoring or putting on the back burner.

Target YOU.

Pinpoint important aspects of your life and how they can or will change in the future. Where do you see things changing for the better? What do you really dream could happen?

Find Clarity

We will create a clear vision of what you want to do in your business and personal life.

Cut the Fluff.

Let go of all your excuses and find a way to do it. If it's part of your vision then you're meant to do it. Give yourself the opportunity!

What You Pay:


Video and Audio Tutorials

Guided Meditation

Private Facebook Group

Expert Coaching Tips on How to Grow Your Vision

Easy Step-by-Step Instructions

Having a clear vision will improve the likelihood of it actually happening. Scientific studies show that when you visualize an action you stimulate the same brain regions as when you actually perform that action.


"I had an idea of what I thought my goals should look like and sound like. But, I didn't know where to start. I had no idea how to pull it all together. And, I had no clue how to make it cohesive. Then, I reached out to Linda Perry and a sense of confidence blanketed me."

– Laura Summers

"I loved creating a vision board and was amazed at how engrosses I was with the exercise; the time flew by as I worked with images and life goals. Linda Perry was an excellent facilitator and helped establish a safe and constructive space."

-Betty Ann Woodland


The doors will only remain open for a limited time.

The New Year is a great time to refocus and renew your vision. I know you've resolved to put yourself first more this year. The Discover Your Vision Workshop is a great way for you to start! Join today and discover how powerful you can be!

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